Raising daughters, especially teenage daughters, I have concluded that the insecurities from rejection don’t change much over the years. Maybe it’s a plunging attempt to feel forever young that I imagine our lives to be quite the same. I log onto Facebook and Instagram to see a bunch of selfies with filters that can make snoop dog like Denzel Washington. I mean for pete sake, they highlight better than any makeup youtuber wishes to do and they give us all a glow as though we are ready for the runway.
Then… Somedays I wish we could put filters on what we look like on the inside. The amount of times I sat on the end of one of my girls’ beds as they have cried just this school year, is enough to make any mama bear try to escape her inner being. Listen ya’ll! There is this crazy white chick that has been suppressed for a few years that is begging to come back out and this may be the year she makes her escape! HAHA
“Mom people point and laugh and make fat jokes about me. I think some of my friends are embarrassed to be with me in the hallways.”
“Mom out of all of the girls in the group, I was the only one who didn’t get an invite to the birthday party this weekend.”
“Mom I asked if I could go to homecoming with this group of girls who I thought were my church friends but momma they said they already have a SET group of people, so I need to find a different group to go with.”
“Mom they cut 2 girls today at practice in front of the whole team and mom I was one of the 2.”
Rejection is something we all go through at some point in our lives. Rejection is what I based most of my decisions on through the first 27 years of my life. It builds character, teaches us to overcome adversity, makes us work harder and hurts like hell! It’s so much harder to watch your kids go through it than to face it yourself. We all are naturally born with a strong desire to fit in SOMEWHERE. But for some of us, even us mommas and daddy’s, it is harder than it is for others. It’s as though we are trees in the fall as we begin dying from the inside out. A few leaves fall each time we are faced with darkness and before you know it, we are standing completely bare, without any cover for the world to see. You see, with each mean word spoken, or each time someone doesn’t choose you, The beauty can begin to fade and then we must wait for a brand new sunny season in order to bloom again.Ya’ll, I remind myself and my girls often that we aren’t left out of Gods plan. That as many times as we get rejected whether from a team, an opportunity, a girl or an entire group, that we are never rejected by the one who created us. This too shall pass, and beauty will come once again. IT ALWAYS DOES. I often joke that I quit drinking in the wrong season of life and by the time my girls leave, I may need some recovery once again. HAHA but in all honesty, if you are feeling rejected or unwanted or just straight up lonely because you really don’t have friends in this current season of life, there’s a new season coming. Don’t ever let the rejection from the world be the place in which you find your identity. You are precious and wanted. Be encouraged today!



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