Life is a journey. One that somedays looks like a nice Sunday stroll through the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Then other times like a high-speed chase through the slums of Detroit. Wherever I meet you at today, I am so glad you came. I am a simple girl with a complex past that has led me to who I am today. A mom, wife, friend, daughter, CEO, lover of the lord and apparently a superhero… as long as the idea that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle still stands true today!! Life isn’t easy. There is always going to be struggles and adversity. It’s simply the way it is. Whether the struggle you’re facing is your two-year-old refusing to nap or something that is causing you deep pain and depression, they are both struggles and they are both seasons I can so relate to. We are girls in need of meaningful relationships yet we are stuck in a society of overwhelming isolation. My prayer is that I can share openly with the world my biggest struggles, successes, deepest fears and darkest shame and that one of the 7 billion people on this globe will be able to give a sister an “Amen”. Any journey, quest or adventure is so much sweeter when we do it with someone we adore. So, I may be a little bold but I’m so hoping that soon, I will be sharing with girls that I just adore. Are you ready? Let’s go….

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  1. I love that this blog is starting! I always want to read more real life stories! A blog is so much better than just a post! Keep on and God Bless!

  2. “We are girls in need of meaningful relationships yet we are stuck in a society of overwhelming isolation. “ this statement hit me hard!!! I too am on the same journey to make others around me especially women feel valued and loved and that they are not alone!!
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey with the world, you are brave and courageous! I

  3. Amen! I am so blessed to be friends with such a person as you. You have already inspired our youth to make life spiritually up lifting. Delivering a God inspired message. Keep on delivering your message. Please allow me to be involved.

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