Ok now that I have weeded out the men can I talk to my fellow females for a second. There is no way in the world that I am the only person that struggles with “TOOB.” Traveling obstruction of bowels ya’ll!! CONSTIPATION FOR THE WHOLE TRIP! I have been contemplating writing about it, but for the love, its an issue that we have got to talk about. I live in the 87401-zip code and it does not matter if I journey 5 minutes to the 87402 or if I have traveled out of the state, it is as though my entire digestive system goes into pilot and wants to take the vaca with me. Like I have made a subconscious agreement with my toilet that I will not make that kind of commitment with any other toilets in the world. I don’t know about you, but I when I travel to any other zip code, the words diet, healthy, organic, gluten free, low calorie, health conscious, sugar free, fat free and any other words that mean GOOD! EAT THIS, go out the window and I gladly invite all others in with a southern hospitality if you will. If you have seen Brides maids, the wedding dress shop scene becomes my reality about a day after returning to my home after any vacation. I was just in Atlanta where I had the honor of experiencing some of the heartiest food I have ever experienced. Grits, rolls, butter, sweet tea, and cornbread all in one sitting. After day 2, I broke out into a full on sweat and walked 2 blocks to the local CVS pharmacy in a desperate effort to find something that would relieve the 6-month tummy I had put on the last 48 hours. I needed relief like in the next 15min or I was certain I could explode. Ya’ll after the extra strength suppository, my body WOULD NOT GO!! ANYONE ELSE? I just know that someone reading this has experienced this and that they are going to message me and tell me the most incredible secret code to break the misery of this very important problem so that I can share it with all of you. If I am the only one that has this issue, I suppose that will be good to discover as well so that I can seek emergency and possibly mental help to deal with this “TOOB” I deal with! Oh Lord be with me as I send the embarrassing yet so honest post into the world! HAHA
Praying for my fellow TOOB suffers~

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  1. Hey!! So true!! So, eat one orange and prunes at the same time and it works!! Make sure you’re close to a toilet! 😂 Real life problems!!

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