When I speak in schools, I always tell kids that I have no degree that qualifies me to do what I do! All I have is a testimony and life that I know I am not to keep to myself. It’s amazing how willing people are to open up about their struggles when they know you are not going to judge them. I talk to a lot of kids and I’ve seen the eyes of many hurting students in our community. One of the common denominators is they come from broken homes. Their parents are divorced or fight all the time and they are effected negatively by what they have seen at home. 

I look at my life and wonder how different it would be if the only thing that changed was that my parents never divorced when I was three. I no longer meet my stepdad and rape never enters my life. There’s a very good possibility that then the rest of my choices aren’t based on sex and I make some decent choices for my body and myself. 

I talk to kids who are already using substance in junior high and often they are using with mom or dad. When I look at research of the kids we have in our juvenile detention centers, about 97% are from broken homes. It often isn’t a matter of getting them away from their friends but their family. They do very well while they are incarcerated and they begin to see value in their future but then they go home to the same old lifestyle and they are back to their old habits in no time.

This leaves me to believe that what we are doing in schools is inspiring but it isn’t impactful. What would be impactful is constant relationships that are positive. People in their lives that don’t come and listen to them for 20-30 min and leave. Sure, I can tell students all day what they are risking and what their future may look like if they make unhealthy choices but if the family isn’t on the same page, they aren’t likely to choose a different path. 

We have to evolve and change the way we are impacting the family unit or else nothing is going to change. For the first time since I started speaking I had a child tell me last week that their parents said I’m a liar because porn isn’t bad for you. (Palm against face) I kindly told the student to do their own research and make a wise choice that fits them. I have students all the time tell me that their parents supply them with alcohol and pot! 

I don’t know what the future looks like but I know we have to grow and evolve with the times. Our family unit has to change and marriage has to be more valued. Our kids have to stop running the show and we need parents to be parents instead of be best friends. There needs to be a standard put back on the parents that has been placed on the schools and our community needs to hold parents responsible for theirs and their children’s actions. We must make parents uncomfortable when their kids aren’t performing well and force them to take part in the development of their kids! 

The point is, it all starts at home! Educators can’t teach and speakers can’t impact if our family unit is so broken! I pray God guides us on our mission and that we continue making a change for the kingdom. All of us have a duty to do our part but I’m not too sure we are doing enough by simply speaking for three days and then leaving. There has to be a better way. A way to impact instead of just inspire! 

Please be in prayer for our ministry as we seek God’s path for us and for these precious kids in our community. 

Searching God’s Path


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