On Good Friday, we mourn and there is a sadness we cannot deny. It is the day Jesus went to the cross to save us for the sin and shame God knew he would obtain. Then Sunday comes and we REJOICE!! The grave is empty because not even death could hold him. He is the Lord of Lords and he is the messiah. We have these two days, three days apart but why don’t we ever talk about Saturday? I feel like Saturday has a lesson of its own that I do not want to miss.

Saturday for Mary must have been heart wrenching as the dust settled and her son was gone. For peter, a day full of regret after he denied him three times just as Jesus said he would. I imagine it being quiet and almost so calm that it made people feel uncomfortable. It is the day between the sadness and the gladness that the only thing they had to hold on to was the faith that Jesus was who he said he was, and God was as good as they believed he was.

I don’t know about you, but that is where some seasons of this life have held me… In the wait! Between the sadness and the gladness, with nothing else to hold onto but the idea that God is good and the bold faith that Jesus is exactly who he said he was. For the one who is sitting at the doctor and gets the diagnoses that they don’t want to hear, the marriage that crumbles, the kids that stray, the addiction rears its head after years of sobriety, or the job that comes to a crashing end. Even on days that just seem longer than my energy can reach, the kids fight more than my patience can handle or the house is messier than my cleaning habits allow. Sometimes I need a miracle from God and other times I need a miracle from the coffee pot! (You know I’m not lying’) Regardless, I am praying for Gods strength.

There are seasons that absolutely nothing makes sense and I have no idea what God is doing. Where everything seemed to be going just as planned and then suddenly, without warning, I am standing smack dab in the middle of the wait! If Jesus, the son of God was going to experience a Saturday, you better believe that we will have some Saturdays along the way. Some of them easier to function through than others. It is easy for us to pass through Good Friday when we know Sunday is coming but the growth happens in between the two.

I have so many examples of times I prayed for something that I knew without a doubt I wanted and when my Sunday finally came, it was so much better than I could have ever imagined. After seeing the work of God in and through my life in such incredible ways, it makes the wait a little easier. I know that when I don’t understand what is happening in my life, that God is working all things together for good around me.  

One time, in the midst of anger, a lady told me, “When the dust settles around you, you will be standing all by yourself because we are all you have.” I was shocked but the more I grow with the lord, the more ridiculous that statement sounds. Y’all listen! Because Jesus experienced that Friday through Sunday transformation, WE WILL NEVER STAND ALONE in this life again! When we make the transformation from believer on Friday to follower on Sunday through the faith of Saturday, we inherit the greatest gift of all time.

The wait used to cause me torture and pain. It is when I fell in love with alcohol. My life seemed so impossible and my circumstances so desperate that escaping seemed to be the only logical solution. I was stuck between the failed marriage and the next big thing. I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t KNOW Jesus. Now, when I see others, especially when I am in a school, who seem desperate, lonely, scared, empty and lost, I can’t help but see the old me in their eyes. It is as though they are begging me to save them. Like I have the secret to getting over the emptiness inside of them. There is a desperation to find hope. (HINT: that’s where the anchor came from) The hardest part is I do have the ONLY answer. If we don’t have hope in God, we don’t have hope in life.

The wait is also what turned my life from believer into sold out follower. For weeks maybe months, all I heard on Sundays was God convicting me of my drinking and choices. The only difference this time was that God was waiting on me to quit drinking and surrender ALL to him before he gave me my next assignment in life. (Enter anchor 180). As painful as Saturday is for me sometimes, I understand the heartache of our precious God in waiting for all his children to be sold our followers. He cares about every single human being yet so many will ever find their way to him.

See, I know that Jesus being crucified is so vitally important and I know that Sunday when the stone was rolled away and the grave was empty, I was saved from my sin and shame, but we cannot miss the growth of faith on Saturday. Although it was almost 2,000 years ago, the sacrifice and the love hasn’t changed. We are not sacrificing but gaining everything when we lay it all down to pick up our cross. The old life that is left behind doesn’t even come close to the life we gain in Christ. Most times we won’t have the answer to our Friday problem for some time. We will have to pray, search, learn, grow and trust that Sunday is coming. So, whether you are facing your Friday, or waiting on your Sunday, don’t forget to transform through your Saturday!

Growing in Faith,


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