We all have a story and a reason we believe the things we do. We may come from the same nation, neighborhood or raised in the same church but we still have several different visions of the world. Most of us have a story that has changed us or put us on the path we are currently on. We are passionate and emotional about different topics which lead us to want to arguments to convince other people to see it the way you do. Most of our missions are good and, in our hearts, we believe we hold the answer to a better solution.

On Netflix alone, there is an entire category of documentaries of people describing what their everyday life is about. I tend to be quite conservative so in a world that is leaning more left, I find myself getting so passionate about my beliefs and my views that I rarely slow down to see the other side. Just the mention of planned parenthood, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, smoking weed, porn or a more liberal agenda sends me in a head spin faster than a fighter jet. I didn’t even wait to see what the other persons opinion was before I spewed my top ten reasons why I can’t stand any of them and they shouldn’t either.

I vocalize loving Jesus like it’s going out of style and it truly isn’t because I want people to know as much as I never in my lifetime, want God to think I am ashamed of his name. If I am open and honest about my faith, shouldn’t that slow my anger a bit? Shouldn’t I be the overwhelming love and acceptance in any situation instead of the overstepping judgement and degrader? I know I say it a lot but man I am so foolish sometimes.

I wrote a few weeks ago about trying to figure out how to be the loving person and still be the bold, truth speaking Christian. I am realizing that my belief in politics and my prejudice against others who don’t see the world the same as I do has caused me to be more closed off and hesitant to get to know people. I don’t want to hear the other side because mine is right anyways. (TEXAS SIZE EYE ROLL)  

Let’s go back to the life experiences that put us on a path. Because of what I have lived through and survived, I have a heart for people in general so what is the problem? I have had the conviction lately that I am trying so hard each day to be pleasing in the sight of God and it is dragging me away from the mission Jesus put me on in the first place. To love others. He never says to love others who are walking a straight path or that have the same passions I have. Not only did he not say that, but he himself was the perfect example of doing quite the opposite throughout his entire ministry.

There are times it is important to speak truth and be bold in today’s crazy world, but I think the lesson I am learning is that most times, it is far more important to live out God’s mission to love others than my personal mission to make a point.(for the love) Through that act, people will see and feel Jesus’s love without me ever having to say a word. My mission to always be right needs to change into a mission to always love right.

This country needs love and as hard as it is to love people who are different or believe different, it is necessary. I don’t want to be a repellent but rather a magnet for people to see Jesus through me. I always love that through the bible, Jesus doesn’t have to declare he was the son of God. People knew that there was something different and special about him because of the way he treated others.

May I continue to search God each day, to know him better and maybe one day, not be such a foolish mess.(when cows fly HAHA)  I do pray that together, we can become the church that acts in a way that if we don’t ever tell anyone we are Christians, people will already know it within minutes of being in our presence. What an impact it would be if they actually felt Gods love rather than just hear about a God that loves.

Thankful for God’s Grace,


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  1. This is a message God keeps giving. Who and what do I or any of us who claim to be His reflect? Time is running quickly to the final hours on this earth…who have we touched, how did we touch them…will others see Christ Jesus or a gussied up version of a sinner? Ouch,ouch, ouch!

  2. Was this written just for me??? 🤣🤣 I struggle with this so much! Thank you so much for these wise words!

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