I told God at the beginning of this adventure that if he opened doors, I would go. As we loaded up and backed out of the driveway a few weekends ago, Isabella asked for about the tenth time, “mom where on earth is this place located?” I had been invited to speak at a church in the small town of Mosquero NM. We knew it was small but then I received a message warning me that there was a possibility that there could be 5 or 10 people at church. We of course did what everyone does before they leave for the unknown and we googled it. 95!! That number represented the population of the VILLAGE we were headed to. (SHOCKED FACE)

We chalked it up to the excitement that for the first time ever, Isabella and I were going to get to spend the weekend together singing our hearts out and snacking on a road trip. We laughed and talked about what this village experience was going to be and as we got closer, both of us began to grow more nervous. When we pulled off the main highway, we realized we were literally in the middle of nowhere. Cows, hills, cows and more cows are all you could see. We were just miles away from arriving and at this point, I am lecturing her about being kind no matter what and explaining that these people have invited me and how God works in all different places. Besides we would be in and out in less than 24hours.

As we drove to the sign that welcomed us to the village of Mosquero, it was as though we had pulled into a literal scene of Cars and we were riding through Radiator Springs. The one restaurant, one school, one church and few houses were in a 2-block radius. We arrived at our destination and realized most of the town had not made it in from working their ranches for the day. As our new friend Donna drove us two blocks to the restaurant, I think my mouth was wide open because I couldn’t believe the view out my window. Y’all a town only seen in movies.

We arrived at the restaurant and we were greeted by the most kind and genuine people I have had the honor of meeting in years. The owner of the café baked Isabella and I homemade cinnamon rolls and the towns people there had been waiting to meet us. As people began getting off work, the more they gathered at this café. Of course, everyone knew everyone, and it was like they had reunited with the deepest love for one another. When asked the question “how are you” there was actually time to listen to the response. Each person that came by, as they walked off, we would get the back story of what they did and who they were related to.

After dinner, we were off to the ranch we were staying at and here is where we fell in love with the baby cows and the people who owned the ranch. It was as though they had known us their entire lives and we were part of their lifelong plan. They arranged to have a gourmet breakfast cooked and served to us the following morning before heading off to the church where I still had no idea what to expect.

As we left for the church, I was praying that whoever would be there would be touched by my story and that God would use my testimony somehow to speak to them on a deep level. (Remember that there is a possibility that only 5-10 people are going to be there.) I just felt this overwhelming sense like they were expecting something I wasn’t going to deliver.

As time got closer, the church got fuller. Isabella and I sat there in our chairs just watching more and more people come in. I can’t explain to you what I saw but the best explanation I can give is that it was like a family reunion with 45 of your closest family members who have been waiting years to embrace you once again. The purity and honesty in these peoples love for one another was something I don’t see in our churches and communities here. At one point I leaned over and said to Isabella, “don’t you wish that when we walked into church, we were greeted with an honest love and compassion by every single person we passed?” She replied, “Yeah I don’t know what that is like.”

Here I drove 350 miles because I was going to “impact” a group of people. It became very apparent as I sat there, that I had come to be impacted by them. I was filled with a strong desire to experience this honest friendship that was unfolding before my eyes. After I spoke, Isabella and I spent the next 30 min being embraced by each person and told how much we were loved by them and by God. I didn’t want to leave. When I told them, we could connect on social media, I must’ve grown a large horn on my forehead, and it was obvious none of them had it. Why would you need shallow friendships filled with people who like your photo but don’t know your kids’ names? With people who comment on everything you post but won’t acknowledge you in public. They have the real deal. Nothing can replace that.

I have always longed to have a BEST FRIEND! Like the person who you tell your deepest darkest secrets to and you know without a doubt that no matter what, they would never talk a negative word about you to anyone. I guess I have assumed that we just don’t live in that kind of world anymore. Or maybe I am just too old to experience such a gift.

I believe God sent me to this small town to show me several truths. Hospitality and true and honest friendships absolutely exist. Although I enjoy social media, I must take the time to invest in doing life with people if I am going to experience such honesty. Most importantly that there is a whole lot more to this life than always being busy and getting more followers Instagram. It is ok to slow down and live a little simpler. Pulling out of the church, it was clear that Sundays were a day to rest and fellowship with the other believers. The whole town had gathered in that precious little church to thank God for the recent rain and listen to this city girl’s testimony. To talk about Jesus and glorify what he was doing in their lives.

I pray that I impacted them as much as they impacted us. I pray that the next time God says “Go”, that he sends me to yet another place that will literally change the way I see this world forever. It was such a quick and refreshing breath of fresh air that neither one of us girls wanted to leave. But the next time someone says, “It takes a village”, I will simply smile and nod because that saying has never meant more to my heart.

Slowing down to enjoy the simple things,


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