Recently I have been feeling a sense of urgency. It started a few months ago as I was realizing that life is flying before my eyes. I am an amazing visionary, but I am not always an amazing doer. Fear can sink its teeth so far into me that I am paralyzed right in my step. Satan knows my weakness and understands how easy it can be to throw me off a mission. Repeat words that have spoken to me or remind e of a time I tried and failed, and you have me totally tongue tied and ready to move to an island.

Whether it be fitness, professional, spiritual or a personal goal, I have been known to use the term, “I’ll start tomorrow” More often than not. I just heard a sermon about procrastination, and he said that over a period of time another author had scanned and evaluated the bible to find the most dangerous word used. What this author published was that tomorrow is the most dangerous and scary word used throughout scripture. He went on to explain that Procrastination costs people their lives and their eternity because they believe they have more time than they do. Tomorrow never comes.

On our way home from Phoenix a few months ago, Jason and I had the conversation about me constantly spinning my wheels until I finished my education. Many of you may not know this, but I dropped out of high school my sophomore year and received my GED. I then went on to San Juan College to complete 76 credit hours. I started my college education with the intent of majoring in elementary ed. It took one day in a 1st grade classroom to prove that was definitely not my calling. HAHA. I then switched from nursing to dental hygiene and I was an alternate to get into the hygiene program when I dropped out and pursued an abusive marriage instead. (Insert the “punch yourself in the face emoji) Oh I have kicked myself for years about that decision but hey, God uses the good and bad so here we are today.  

I come from a very educated family. A mother who holds a doctorate, a father who holds a masters and a sister who also holds a master’s degree. I know without a doubt that God will use me with or without a degree, but it has always been in the back of my heart desires to finish my education. I decided to take steps to see what my options were to finish any degree.

I went and met with an advisor at San Juan College but to be honest, I could not decide what degree I truly would want to pursue. The poor counselor probably thought to herself that I had no business being in college because I just sat at her desk and cried. I looked at her screen and I could see hard work and a lot of money spent on an education that I never finished. As I left the college, I felt defeated and concluded that maybe it wasn’t in the cards for me to finish my education. Satan whispered, “See lindsay this is what happens when you make as many mistakes as you have. You will never finish your college education.”

A few weeks later, I made a post on Instagram and it said something to the effect that if I could create my perfect life, I would workout with other people who love fitness and teach people about the amazing work of God. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Anchor 180 was brought to me by God, for God. Yes, I have the gift of Gab and I love people, but lord have mercy, I have got a testimony that I KNOW ONLY HE CAN USE!!

I started researching what kind of educational background some of my favorite bible teachers have. Priscilla Shier, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer. I found that they all have their higher education in biblical studies. So, I did what anyone would do and started googling online degree paths for biblical studies from reputable universities. The second one I clicked on was Colorado Christian University. I typed in my info and within minutes I received a phone call. Within a week, I had applied and been accepted. I had been granted 60 of the 76 credit hours I had from San Juan college towards my bachelor’s in biblical studies. At the beginning of this week, I have officially been given the go ahead to sign up for classes that begin July 22…like this next month…

Y’all by the grace and mercy of our precious God, I am going to be a fulltime college student at CCU beginning in less than a month. Hold your seat. It gets better!!

July 22nd isn’t just my start date for college. It is a day that marks obedience and new beginnings. It is a day that will mark three years of sobriety in my life. I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in Gods blessings. July 22nd three years ago, I chose to not put of his convictions until tomorrow and again on July 22nd, I will step out in faith and stop waiting on tomorrow! To see his mighty work unfold makes it easier to blindly step forward and stop putting off his call on my life. Procrastination has no room here anymore!!

Prayers for the finances to fall into place and for his guidance as my family steps into a new roll of having a fulltime college student as a momma. I know Anchor 180 and all the ministry God is laying before me will be enhanced by this opportunity and educational growth.

Walking in God’s Grace and Mercy

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