Dear Lindsay,

Forgiveness for everyone

Everyone but you

Letting them all off the hook

But forgetting you won’t do

You laid there lifelessly

Why couldn’t that man see

You were only a child

This isn’t the way it should be

You tried stopping him once

Why didn’t you do more

You could’ve made him pay for this

You are angry to your core

This wasn’t your fault

It’s time to break the chain

Lay it at the feet of Jesus

All your sorrows and your pain

Breaking apart your family

At such a young age

You chose a different chapter

You were on a different page

Divorced at eighteen

You wouldn’t listen to anyone

You were spinning in chaos

The rebellion had just begun

You were more worried about yourself

Then that little baby girl

She was your bestest buddy

More precious than a pearl

You chose him over her

And found yourself in tangled lies

Everyone was so scared for you

But you ignored all their cries

You were stuck in isolation

Living in hell on earth

He was so mean to you

Slowly stripped you of your worth

You didn’t protect your kids

You should’ve done more

You knew what that felt like

You are still angry to your core

The abuse was finally over

But you replayed it everyday

He may have been gone

But his words were on replay

What you did next

Was quite a big fall

You rarely even talk about it

It Still Haunts you most of all

A girl you got involved with

Made her think she was adored

You got what you needed

And Then you cut the cord

You knew you weren’t interested

Yet you did it anyway

There are no excuses

What more can I say

Instead of turning to your family

Or to God or to a friend

You picked up alcohol

That was the way you chose to mend

Alcohol numbed your pain

And made your days fade away

Each day you were more lost

Like a lonely little stray

A revolving door of men

in and out of your door

you would do whatever they wanted

your self-esteem was so poor

In your eyes you had no value

With more shame came more to drink

With each day that passed

 Your self-worth continued to sink

Your daughters knew what you were doing

They saw the different men

You were playing with the devil

How could you do this all again

You were at the end of your rope

You had nothing left to give

You tried to drink yourself to death

You had no reason left to live

Then an amazing man

Walked into your life

You had too much baggage

So, there was always constant strife

Two months after meeting him

Pregnant you became

You felt like life was over

You were the only one to blame

You were considering an abortion

You were going to see it through

Thank God Jason said no

You would’ve never met Witten Drew

Now you know Jesus

And he has forgiven you

Let him take your sin and shame

Let him make you brand new

You have forgiven everyone else

now its time to set yourself free

You must lay it all at the throne

And your calling you will see

You are a precious little one

No more looking back

With God tucked tight in your heart

There is nothing you will lack

He loves you IN SPITE of

All the things that you have done

He paid for EVERY SINLGE sin

He sent his only son

You’re covered in the blood of Christ

Your sins tossed from east to west

You have been forgiven once and for all

Now leave from here BLESSED!


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    • LOTS OF TEARS…and the only words …THANK YOU GOD for your LOVE and FORGIVENESS! We lLOVE you Lindsay…Aunt Liz and Uncle John!

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