On March 23rd, Our Governor announced that we would be starting a stay at home order. On May 1st we are due to begin reopening! From start to finish, that is 40 days!

The earth was flooded for 40 days. Moses fasted for 40 days. Goliath taunted the Israelites for 40 days before David defeated him with a stone and a sling and Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days. I read that this significant number, 40 appears 159 times throughout the Bible. All times of testing and strengthening faith.

During these 40 days, there has been so many unknowns and frustrations. Anger and anxiety! Laughter and Joy! The emotions that have weaved in and out of the last several weeks have been nothing less than exhausting. Anger that we have experienced a dose of socialism! Confusion about whether we should wear masks, wash boxes, buy gloves and most importantly, will we have toilet paper? Haha! (No but seriously I never imagined I’d have to camp out for toilet paper like I would the latest gadget on Black Friday!) On the happy side, The memes have been on the top of their game and have brought so many moments of laughter and our American families have spent more time together in the last few weeks than probably the last year combined. (Do not even get me started on how badly our children were craving that) Praise God!

All these things obvious to anyone who has a heartbeat but maybe what is not so clear cut, is what in the world did God Intend this for? 40 days of isolation and “wandering”? It is significant and I believe with my whole heart that if God wanted this to go away tomorrow, he absolutely has that power to end it. So, what is all of this for? The disease, I will not argue but the time that we have been forced to stay home has to have meaning.

I think each one of us would have an answer a little different than the next, but I felt so moved by it that I thought it was worth asking. How has your life changed since March 23rd? When you come out of the “wilderness” how will your life have changed? Have you learned anything? Will you do things differently? Are there things or people you will not take for granted anymore? What have your children learned from watching you through this? If they had to face something similar in their adult life, would you be proud of what you have shown them? Are they more aware of the power in the faith of God or has fear ruled your days?

If I was a guessing person, this country and our world have prayed and called on the name of God more in the last few weeks than it has since the last natural disaster. For some reason that is how it has always worked! When life is good, we live our lives the way we want. By only the pieces that fit nicely into our world but when everything around us is out of our control, we depend on him more and expect him to work his miracles!

So, just like people all throughout the Bible. When the 40 days of testing is over and life gets back to normal, will we have had enough time to say our faith has been strengthened or will we close our Bibles and not open them again until we find ourselves in the wilderness again? Will the manna that he has provided for my family, your family and for those around us the last 40 days be enough to remind us that once again GOD IS ENOUGH?!

Regardless of how you answer these questions, I pray that we all slow down a little more, take things/people for granted a little less and never forget that our days are limited and when everything has gone away, NOTHING in this world can give us Joy like God can!



  1. truth…one would think we would look at history and learn. Nope, we are like the isralites…we only cry out and want a relationship with God when life gets hard. God is a promise keeper, never leaves us…it is us that walk off…

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