How did we go from hearing about a disease in China to being quarantined for weeks? There are so many things we could complain about but what in the world would that accomplish? Not only would that defeat everyone around us, it would hide the incredibly AWESOME ways God has shown up in our lives the last several weeks.

Let me explain! When our office was shutting down, I was not concerned because I knew I could apply for unemployment. After filling out the application, I was notified the next day that I did not qualify. I did not have enough work history to earn benefits. I was disappointed at the response, but I told Jason that evening that we should not worry.

There are a few benefits to be a single parent for several years. You learn to live on the bare minimum and looking back, I should have never made it financially. The math literally does not add up, yet we always had everything we needed. Many eviction notices and default payment notices were somehow always taken care of and 3 tummies were always full when they went to bed each night. I have lived enough to know that He always shows up. Never how we think he will, but he is always there!

So, instead of telling you how miserable quarantine has been, I would like to share how we have seen God’s hand through it all. A few days after our office closed, Jason got a phone call and when he hung up, I asked who it was. He said that Child support enforcement had called, and we overpaid last year, and they would be sending us a refund! Say what? Yep! The government legit sent us a refund in the amount of one and half of my paychecks! Then, for a few months, we have been in the process of refinancing our home to a 15-year note. We should have closed in March, but the date kept getting pushed back! We were growing frustrated with the process, but God could see what we could not! We closed a few weeks ago and our first payment is not until June 1! No house payment in May! PRAISE GOD! Hold on! I am not done! We went to the mailbox a week ago and I overpaid on a credit card! They sent me a check for the amount we had overpaid! As though that was not enough, we found out last week that in May, I will be receiving 2 paychecks as part of the stimulus. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! All I can say is that I am Humbled to tears!

Y’all God is not the wishing well that is here to grant all our wants in our timing or in our desired ways. No, he is the master planner and when we are faithful to him, he blesses us in the most incredible ways! He does not want us to just be faithful when we get what we want! It is easy to have faith when you have already seen the miracle. He wants us to be faithful on days that our boss tells us we are no longer employed and then we get rejected from unemployment! He wants us in the times of the unknown to stand with confidence and say,” I don’t know how but I promise you he will” and then actually walk as though he already has! He is so much bigger than coronavirus and our government! He is bigger than any disease or unpaid bills! I do not know how you have seen Gods hands work through your life, but I know he has! In these times of uncertainty, hold your head high and do not lose hope because He is still on His throne!!

P.S. I would love to hear how you have seen God’s hand in your life this last several weeks. Please leave a comment or share your stories with others. Happiness and gratitude are contagious and I think we could use something positive to spread like wildfire! (Pun intended)



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  1. I had just bought groceries so no worries. Dad was alone in a Beehive in Rio Rancho. We didn’t see a way for him to be closer. But, God our way maker, had a plan. We received a call. Heather and Mystri went down and got him. My brother Russell and his wife helped them load his things. God is always full of surprises and always 4 steps ahead of us!

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