What is your dream car? If money were no matter and you could pick any car on any lot, what would you buy? Mine is a Honda Accord Sport! Ha-ha (Simple kind of girl I suppose)

What about your dream house? If you could afford to build your dream house, anywhere in the world, what does it look like? How many square feet and are you country living on a big piece of property or in a busy city? I would be on a piece of land in Texas, with about 4,000sqft and I would not be broke after I built it! (There goes simplicity) Ha-ha

What about your Dream job? The list goes on and on of the things we dream for, set goals for, and spend our entire existence here on earth working for. We dedicate our every waking minute doing something to build a better future so we can have nicer things.

But what if you got that dream car and after a while of driving it and showing it off, the engine blows but instead of working hard and getting a new one, you decide to just park it in the driveway and never drive it again. Or what if you build the dream house in the dream location but stop working and do not have enough money to put one single piece of furniture on the inside of that beautiful home?

I am Figuring it out that our lives with God often look exactly like that. We are fired up when we first become believers and we get baptized and we are telling everyone we know, and we are wanting to serve others and to go on mission trips…. and then one day something happens and the engine blows. Our faith is compromised, and we face tragedy in our personal lives, financial lives, professional lives and instead of working hard and pouring time into our relationship with God, we stop working and stay idle instead. We walk around showing everyone how beautiful we are outside but, on the inside, we are completely empty!

We work our whole lives to have more “things” more possessions and we are so focused on building the dream life that we forget to build the dream eternity! The dream relationship with our precious father in Heaven!

See, I do not believe that having goals or working hard is bad. I do not believe driving fancy cars or living in a big house makes you empty on the inside. I think watching us Christians walk out 2020 struggles gripped in fear, soaked in anxiety and gripping onto the idea that our world around us is based on what people do next instead of what HE does next, makes us empty! We look pretty but our engines blew! God did not want us to wait until we got to heaven to live abundantly! He intended for us to do that here on earth! The problem is when it is not done in the dream situation, we throw our hands up wonder where God is!

My eyes have been opened to the fact that while we walk through good economic times and our kids are good and our bank accounts are full, we post about how awesome God is and how he is moving in our lives! Then tragedy strikes and we find ourselves broken down in the wilderness, faced with doubt for the future, our dreams are interrupted and suddenly we forget how dang BIG and mighty Gods hand is in our lives! We do not see him because we are too focused on the world!

The point is this. Without an engine, our car does not run! It is useless! Without furniture, I do not care how gorgeous your house looks, it is nonfunctional! No matter how big the dream job is, if you do not work hard and dedicate a lot of time and attention to it, you will lose it! If the walk does not match the talk, it is useless! It is empty! It sounds good and it posts well, but we will come up empty every single time!

Without an intimate relationship with God, IT DOES NOT WORK!! You can look good on the outside but there is not no amount of makeup, money, success, possessions, meal plans or workouts that can make you feel complete on the inside!!! WE CAN NO LONGER PUT HIM ON THE BACK BURNER BUT INSTEAD WE MUST SIMMER HIM ON HIGH ON THE BIGGEST BURNER WE’VE GOT!! He is our hope and our future so that when 2020 struggles hit, we can put our faith in him and still dream of all the good that is coming!

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work”- 2Corinthians 9:8

Blessings from a girl who has run out of fuel many times herself,


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