“If trump wins, we will be just fine!”

“We hate Trump, and we will do everything we can to destroy him!”

“Without Trump, we’re screwed! We will live in socialism and our freedoms will be gone forever!”

“Trump is the reason our nation is at odds and he has caused all this hate! He’s a threat to our nation’s security!”

All statements, I have heard, read, or even thought, or said! The truth is, each one is false! It does not matter which side of the road you land on; our hope cannot exist in a human being or the result of an election. The whole Bible is made up of stories that looked absolutely hopeless with no way out…. But God had the last word!

Daniel gets thrown in the lion’s den to be eaten alive for refusing to quit openly worshipping his God… But God had the last word!

Shadrach Meshach and Abednego are thrown into the fiery furnace to be burned alive for not bowing down to anyone but their one true God… But God had the last word!

David marches out to face a giant that seems impossible to kill with no armor or heavy machinery… But God had the last word!

The world goes dark as people watch Jesus hanging lifelessly on the cross, clinging to every breath, and God turns his back on Jesus for the first time as all of our sin falls upon him and he yells out “MY GOD MY GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?” It appears All hope was dead … But God had the final word!

Our eyes and hearts have deceived us since the beginning of time. Our desires to be right and to turn away from God when things do not make sense have been agonizing mankind since God put Adam and Eve in the garden. Why are we so stubborn and so slow to learn that God will never ever forsake us? Whether Biden gets in or Trump gets in. Whether we live is a capitalist nation or a socialist nation, and whether there is someone in office fighting for us or against, GOD IS STILL GOD! He has not changed his mind about his love for us and he will have the final word!

Our time here is literally a blink of an eye! Our days are numbered and our time limited! We have but one choice and that is to live all out, every single day as though this may be the last opportunity to do so! As though we believe every promise and word of God giving us all permission to live for his glory and love each person, we lock eyes with.

The truth is if all sources of media were gone today, about 90% of the issues in this world would go with it. I believe with my whole heart that the media has created problems that do not exist, and we continue to fuel them by logging on and watching!

I do not want to waste my precious time with the few people God Gave me to nurture and care for, spiraling out day after day, video after video, post after post! We put our hope in videos, news articles, false prophesies, and dead ends! When will we the people take our lives back and say enough is enough?

Man! It is a crazy time and there is real evil among us. Satan does exist! People keep telling me I cannot hide my head in the sand, but the truth is, I am not hiding! I just cannot continue to put my hope or worry in a place I have no control! I have seen God work miracle after miracle in my own life and through the lives of every person and scenario in the Bible. Mentally, I cannot continue to feed a source of fear and lies.

If you believe in God and that every word of bible is useful for teaching, then I would encourage you as well to log off and take a sabbatical from anything that is not breathing life into your soul!

In Mark 9 the disciples do everything they can to bring the evil spirit out of the boy and when they ask Jesus why they could not perform the healing Jesus replied, And he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.” Mark 9:29! We are not God, but we must keep praying! We cannot live in our own power or own strength. The change starts with us through belief in God and in prayer! I challenge you in joining me and choosing to take your eyes off media and begin looking for the good that is around you because GOD HAS THE FINAL WORD!

Redirecting my focus,


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