Dear New Mexico seniors,

As we kick off a new year and what should be quite possibly the most exciting time in your life to date, you are faced with the devastating reality that you will not be stepping foot on your high school campus again as a student. You left in March with the idea that you would be back in a couple of weeks only to be told, your junior year had come to an end!

As a mom, I have watched my senior realize all that will be lost. You will not be getting your senior year season of sports, or Friday night lights with your friends! You will not be doing cap and gown pictures for the yearbook, and you will not ever know the feeling of dancing the night away at your junior or senior prom. You most likely will not be walking across the stage to get your diploma and we will watch your picture and name on a tv screen to celebrate sleepless nights, endless projects and the many more accomplishments over the last 13 years! For some, you have a box of 500 Umattr cards with a story you were excited to share with elementary students in our community and no one to share them with.
I suppose just like my senior, you have cried many tears realizing how disappointing your senior year has been and as a parent, I have also cried many tears for each one of you. At the end of the day, we do not have the power to change our circumstances so maybe I can offer you a new perspective to ease the pain and lighten the load?
As you leave home and become the awesome adults, I know you will be, you are guaranteed to face different seasons of hardships and trials, but because of opposition, you will be able to do it with confidence and determination. 2020 will not be a year you will soon forget but as life throws you curve balls that are completely out of your control, it may be a year you reflect on often because it taught you how to cope and overcome in the face of diversity. It taught you that the world around you is unfair and unstable and as you have faced each day, you have had a choice to quit or to fight with grit. For some, maybe you realized that you cannot rely on your athletic ability to get you to the next level and that you are capable of doing hard things. More than anything, I pray that it has taught you that in a world that is unfair and always changing, the only thing you will ever be able to cling to in times of joy and times of sorrow is a God that is bigger than both!
You will go down in history as the seniors who never stepped foot on campus yet withheld your grades and continued showing up to zoom. You took senior pictures and still found new ways to celebrate. You were counting on one thing but received another and most importantly, you did not give up when no one would have blamed you for doing so.
So seniors. As you begin a new year, and watch friends around the country living their best life through their senior year, it is ok if you cry a few tears as long as you never give up and always keep on walking! Maybe not across the stage like we had planned, but always with self-confidence and grace. I know some days will seem dark and extremely unreasonable, but you have been equipped by God to overcome the hard and to do his good works! He has not left you out of his plan and promises that you are loved, chosen, and KNOWN!! There is hope in him and none in this world! Walk through this last semester with your head held high and your standards even higher and always remember to let your light so shine!!

Leaning on God,



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