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  • Darkness to Light

    It was hot, the sun was shining, and the reflection off the pool was blinding. It was June in Phoenix AZ and we were moving into a man’s house that seemed a million miles away from “home”. If I could go back to that very day and speak to that sweet, INNOCENT 5-year-old mind, with […]

  • Rejection

    Raising daughters, especially teenage daughters, I have concluded that the insecurities from rejection don’t change much over the years. Maybe it’s a plunging attempt to feel forever young that I imagine our lives to be quite the same. I log onto Facebook and Instagram to see a bunch of selfies with filters that can make […]

  • Take the Journey

    Life is a journey. One that somedays looks like a nice Sunday stroll through the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Then other times like a high-speed chase through the slums of Detroit. Wherever I meet you at today, I am so glad you came. I am a simple girl with a complex past that has led […]